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Second passport valid for four years

Requirements for a 2nd valid United States passport

  • Second passports are now valid for 4 years
  • Second passports may not be renewed

Although being granted a 2nd passport by the State Department is likely, it is not guaranteed and if your request is denied, all fees, including our service fee is non-refundable. The State Department is the sole decider of issuance and their final decision process is unknown.



All documents must be signed and mailed to us. Unfortunately, you may not scan and email us these documents because the Department of State requires original signatures.

  • Completed & Signed Passport Application Form. This must be typed online at the Department of State's passport portal. Hand written applications will be immediately rejected.

Please note your "Travel Plans" in section 20 of the application cannot be more than thirty days out in order for us to process your passport. Make sure your flight itinerary matches the travel dates you select.

  • International flight itinerary (required) which can be unconfirmed/unbooked.
  • Two recent professional passport photographs (you cannot wear glasses).

  • You must submit your most recently issued valid 10 year passport.
  • If 2nd passport request is for tourist travel you must also include a signed personal letter addressed to the State Department stating the reasons behind your needs for a second passport. This is a very common sense informal letter.
  • If 2nd passport request is for business travel you must also include another signed letter from your employer with similar wording to the State Department request letter stating the need for having your employee be issued a second passport.

Ship all above documents to us in Washington DC.


Passport fees for United States

Passport Agency fee

Our fee

Processing time


$ 170.00

$ 129.00

15 business days

$ 299.00

$ 170.00

$ 199.00

5-14 business days

$ 369.00

$ 170.00

$ 299.00

3-4 business days

$ 469.00


We do not accept customer prepaid labels or return envelopes. Add $19 for Alaska & Hawaii.
Federal Express Third Day $ 25.00
Federal Express Second Day $ 30.00
Federal Express Next Morning $ 35.00
Federal Express Saturday Delivery $ 50.00
Federal Express Saturday First Quote
Local Delivery within DC $ 25.00
Local Delivery within Beltway $ 75.00