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Fixing your passport

Mistakes happen, let us correct them

  • Occasionally the Passport Agency will return a passport that has a misspelled name, incorrect place of birth or other like errors.  If you have received a passport with information errors the passport must be resubmitted to the Passport Agency for correction.
  • The error must be corrected within 6 months of issue.  If more than 6 months has lapsed then you must renew your passport.

Requirements to correct passport errors:

All documents must be signed and mailed to us. Unfortunately, you may not scan and email us these documents because the Department of State requires original signatures.

Error Correct Fees for United States Passports

Passport Agency fee

Our fee

Processing time

Total cost

$ 00.00

$ 109.00

15 business days

$ 109.00

$ 00.00

$ 159.00

4-9 business days

$ 169.00

$ 00.00

$ 209.00

1-3 business days

$ 239.00



We do not accept customer prepaid labels or return envelopes. Add $15 for Alaska & Hawaii.
Federal Express Third Day $ 22.00
Federal Express Second Day $ 27.00
Federal Express Next Morning $ 33.00
Federal Express Saturday Delivery $ 45.00
Federal Express International (Outside 48 lower States) Quote
Local Delivery within DC $ 25.00
Local Delivery within Beltway $ 75.00