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Brazil Authentication

Brazil may accept documents with only a legalized apostille certificate

Brazil enforces jurisdiction. We can only provide service for Washington DC's jurisdiction.

    What you do:


  • Notarize the document by a notary public.
  • Forward the notarized document to the Secretary of State where the notary was commissioned and request an Apostille Certificate
  • Upon return of the document from the Secretary of State where the notary was commissioned the document is normally ready for use.


  • What we do (if you determine further is needed):


  • Upon completion by the Secretary of State forward your documents to Allied Passport for authentication by the US State Department
  • After completion by the State Department, Allied Passport will obtain your document authentication from the embassy completing the legalization
  • Once completed by the embassy your document(s) are ready for use.

Processing times:

The State Department take 4 business days with no rush service available.

Embassy processing varies but typically expect 4 business days also.

Embassy Authentication Fee $ 20.00 per document
U.S. State Department Authentication Fee $    8.00 per document
Allied Passport Fee $ 49.00 per document per destination
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Federal Express Third Day $25.00
Federal Express Second Day $30.00
Federal Express Next Morning $35.00
Federal Express Saturday Delivery $50.00
Federal Express (Outside 48 lower States) Quote
Local Delivery within DC $25.00
Local Delivery within Beltway $75.00